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Posters & Art Prints for your wall

     Hi-Res.Pics is an online service to make polaroid posters & art prints for your wall.

      1 • Print Posters & Art for your wall.
      2 • Paste a photo URL, Upload, or Crop a photo.
      3 • Share photo urls anonymously by email after upload.
            Emails include:
         • Your polaroid, and original photo both encrypted.
         • A link to delete all your photos anytime from your email.
         • A link to return insights about your photo to help you find similar images.

     Add an image here

     URL, Crop, or Bing™  Wallpaper
     http://www.example.com/photo.jpg, or .png.

        — OR —


     • Photo width by height should be (w)357px (x) (h)330px or more and 5MB or less.
     • A hi-res and original size polaroid will be made on upload.
     • File types: .jpg, or .png.

     Add text description

          Hi-res is poster size & Original is polaroid size.

     Add description to hi-res polaroid.

     Add description to original size polaroid.

      Font colors:
      Chosen Color      
      Font styles:
      Chosen Font      
      Font size:
     We recommend font Arial for best results (font sizes must be a number between 3 and 14).

    Add effects

     Enter a number to brighten your photo (0 to 255 [50 to 100 for brighter results, 0 for no effect]):       

       Natural border only.
      Add your photo as a background photo to your border with or without color. 
       Change the color of the natural border (We recommend .55 for color and .255 for no color).
       Opacity =            (.0 -.255 or 1.0 - 255.0)
      Chosen Color

     Choose a border

     The Natural Border  (Add a color or photo with color to this border):


   x   Email your hi-res to yourself, family, friends, or acquaintances after upload. 


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