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     Hi-Res.Pics is an online service to make polaroid posters & art prints for your wall.

      Collage Five Photo Poster Upload

      1 • Purchase Your Poster.
      2 • Upload your photos and create your collage poster.
      3 • Fill out the required info after upload.
      4 • Click order after filling out the required info:
         • You will receive your order in a few days.
         • This poster comes with 5 free polaroids. One of each photo you upload.
         • The printed poster size is 24 x 20 inch.

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  Poster layout

  • For best results, use high-resolution images. Max file size: 5MB. Max file name length: 100.
  • 64 characters max for text on photo. Text appears on bottom of photo. All text font Segoe Print.
  • Some photo sizes might need to be reduced and cropped.




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