Polaroid it
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  We offer advertising within our polaroid mailers that customers request after uploading an image
  to our polaroid it algorithm.

  Small Ads:
 • Include a small picture 600 x 600 either (width or length), a title, a description (100 words max).
 • Upload your picture, add a title and description on the Artwork order form after upload.
 • Your ad will appear on a page with other ads mailed to your customers within our polaroid mailers.

  Whole page Ads:
 • Include product photos, a title, a description. (Single side or double side).
 • Your ad will be mailed to the customer included within our polaroid mailers.

  $0.50 per ad for small ads.
  $1.50 per page for whole page single side ads.
  $2.50 per page for whole page double side ads.
  No min order.

  All Ads are full colour.
    *Note*: Ads can be ordered after making a polaroid.


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