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     Hi-Res.Pics is an online service to make polaroid posters & art prints for your wall.

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     Collage posters

  Colorful Collage Poster

  Collage Posters


  • The polaroid posters come with free polaroids. One of each photo you upload based on the number of photo
    in each poster.

  • Prints will be a Polaroid natural style and will come in the film we have in stock from Polaroid.

     Other posters

  Stereoscopic Poster

  The Stereoscopic poster includes a pair of 3D glasses, 2 large format 24x20 posters,
  1 in Stereo and the other in Transparent Color format.

  • Create your Stereoscopic Poster

  •  Create your Transparent Color Poster

  Polarized Light Poster

  The Polarized Light poster includes 3 large format 24x20 posters, 1 Polarized poster,
  1 of each photo and 2 transparent prints.

  • Create your Polarized Light Poster

Print Posters & Art for your wall

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