Polaroid it

  Free Polaroid Prints

  Free your photos from your phone or camera and get them printed on authentic polaroid film paper.
  Turn those special moments into photo prints you can use anywhere.

  Why use our service?

   Polaroid film is expensive.

  How to use our service

   • After upload, click the "Free Polaroid Prints" link and fillout the address form.
   • We print your photo in a polaroid and mail it to you. (polaroid prints may be mailed in an envelop).
   • Polaroid prints come in natural film frame style.
   • Prints will be a polaroid natural style and will come in the film we have in stock from polaroid, or polaroid originals®
     All U.S. polaroid prints ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail and will be mailed within 1-3 days.
        Worldwide polaroid prints ship First-Class Mail International or USPS Priority Mail International.



        ::Note: Only two(2) polaroids per upload and 6 max per month. US mail delivery worldwide::

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