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  Free Food and Supplies by Mail

  Get a free school supply or food snack for every upload to our polaroid it algorithm by mail.

    *Note*: The supply lists provided below are a general recommendation of supplies.
    The listed items may not exactly match the supplies requested by your or your child's school.

  This is our way to help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

 • One supply per polaroid upload. All supplies come with a polaroid.
 • We only offer food items and school supplies that are small enough to fit in a mailing envelop.
 • We only ship pre-packaged non-perishable food items.

  Limit 5 supplies per month per address.

  Item   Notes
  12-inch Ruler
  12" Inch Ruler with Both Inches and Centimeters
  Blunt Tip Scissors
  Bottle of Correction Fluid
  Composition Notebook
  Composition Wide-Ruled Notebook
  Crayons 8 Count
  Crayons (Washable Crayons) 8 Count
  Dry Erase Marker
  Dictionary (Webster's American or Merriam-Webster or equivalent)
  Elmer's Washable School Glue
  Folders with Pockets
  Geometry Compass
  Hole Puncher
  No Run White Glue
  Pack of #2 Pencils 4-10 Count
  Pack of College-Ruled Paper
  Pack of Colored Pencils 12 Count
  Pack of Dividers
  Pack of Kleenex Facial Tissues (travel size)
  Pack of Graph Paper
  Pack of Hole Reinforcements
  Pack of 3 X 5 White Ruled Index Cards
  Pack of Black Pens 12 Count
  Pack of Blue Pens 4-12 Count
  Pack of Red Pens 4-12 Count
  Pack of Sticky Flags
  Pack of Sticky Notes
  Pack of Loose Leaf Paper (Wide Ruled) 200 Sheets
  Pencil Case
  Pencil Sharpener
  Picture of Family & Student
  Plastic Folders
  Pink Eraser (small)
  Pink Eraser (large)
  Post-it Notes
  Scotch Tape
  Staple Remover
  Stretchable Book Covers
  USB Flash Drives 32-128 GB
  Yellow Highlighter
  Zip-Lock Bag 10 Loose Count
  Candy Bars and Food Snacks Various

        ::Note: Only one(1) supply per polaroid per upload. US mail delivery worldwide::
  ::Unlimited prints per month per address::
  ::We only ship supplies that can fit in a mailing envelop::

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